Colombian Sounds

It’s the end of the week and we’re in the mood for music. After all, the first sign of a good party is good music, and let’s face it; some cultures do it much better than others. Take, for example, Colombia. A vibrant destination whose culture is one of color and excitement, Colombia is home to a beat that has the power to get everyone moving – Cumbia.

A traditional type of music that originated in Colombia, Cumbia plays a strong part in Latin American culture. It’s the sort of sound that immediately transports you to Colombia’s Caribbean coastline, so this might just be the perfect summer soundtrack for your weekend.

It all started with just a few instruments, but over the years vocalists have added their talents as modern Cumbia has developed. Most popular along Colombia’s Caribbean coastline, Cumbia is the perfect mix of native sounds and African beats that can always be relied upon to get the party started.