Discover an ancient city

The weekend is officially over. Cue hours spent gazing blankly at our computer screens as we dream of far off places that we would rather be. Places like Ciudad Perdida, for example. Not heard of Colombia’s lost city before? Not to worry, this little introduction will hopefully fuel your Monday daydreams and inspire your future travels.

The ancient ruins of Ciudad Perdida lie in the heart of northern Colombia and can only be reached via a three day hike through the luscious Colombian Jungle. Trust us though; the trek is certainly worth the discovery. Over a stretch of 75 acres, you’ll see the remnants of what was once an ancient community that thrived. Embedded in the forest lands, the ruins mark ancient foundations, terraces and market pathways, allowing a precious glimpse into this magical world from a time long since passed. Thought to be abandoned over 4 centuries ago, the area was only made known to the world in the early seventies and it’s since been discovered this place is older than Machu Picchu.

See, Monday’s aren’t so bad when you spend it discovering new parts of the world – even if it is just from the comfort of your office chair…