Floral Festivities

The British summer can be unreliable and the weekends are never long enough, so we’ve decided to add a little vibrancy to your 9-5 day-dreaming this week with a look at Colombia’s flower festival.

Since flowers are Colombia’s biggest export to the world (who knew?), it’s no wonder the country wants to celebrate them. During the first two weeks of August, that’s exactly what it does. Medellin (known as the City of Eternal Spring) explodes into a natural gallery of petals and vibrant color. You’ll never see an array of different hues quite like it; everywhere you look bunches of flowers bloom into extravagant bouquets around authentic folk bands and delicious food stalls. The week-long celebration includes the Desfile de los Silleteros, an extravagant procession that allows growers from all over Colombia to showcase their best floral arrangements, and it is famed as the festival’s highlight. Carrying the displays on rustic wooden floats on their backs, and cheered on by an excitable crowd, you’ll be amazed at the wonderful variety of flowers and floral combinations.

And if the visual spectacle wasn’t enough, then you can also enjoy the live Colombian music that fills the city with its rhythm each day, the passionate dancers in traditional Colombian dress and an elegant Horse Parade. There really is something here for everyone. And let’s not forget the punchy fireworks display marking the beginning and end of the festival with a bang.

And there you have it, Colombia’s Feria De Las Flores adding a splash of color to your week. You’re welcome.