Aqua Mare, Galapagos

Expedition takes a luxurious turn onboard Aqua Mare. A sleek Italian-designed superyacht, it’s charting a route through the Galapagos that is set to take you further than anyone else – and in even greater style. There are just seven cabins onboard, promising sea views and plenty of space. To complement the seven suites – and the maximum capacity of 16 passengers – there’s a 1:1 crew to guest ratio, including two specialist naturalist guides, ensuring your every need is met. When you’re not busy exploring, there’s the sun deck with its jacuzzi and pop-up workout area as well as the lower deck’s ‘Beach Club’ and cinema room. There’s even an onboard telescope to elevate your stargazing come nightfall. In short, Aqua Mare has everything you could need for a luxurious adventure in the Galapagos.


Depending on your route, Aqua Mare has two embarkation points: one at Baltra airport, the main access to the islands, and the other at Puerto Ayora on the island of Santa Cruz. Once onboard, you’ll have the Galapagos at your fingertips. Making the most of Aqua Mare’s impressive range, you’ll be able to explore further and with more variety than anyone else with carefully charted routes that ensure you’re dodging the crowds. Two military-grade RIBs are then on-hand to take you to shore where your naturalist guide will bring the biodiversity of the islands to life. Elsewhere, the yacht also comes equipped with kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and snorkelling equipment.

Your room

Italian design meets a sense of Ecuadorian exploration in Aqua Mare’s seven suites. Clad in rich walnut veneer panelling, the rooms are lit in honeyed tones whilst curated prints from the Wallace and Darwin era adorn the walls. Crisp linens and Italianate marble bathrooms with walk-in showers add further luxury, but for unrivalled comfort, it has to be the Owner’s Suite. Twice the size of any other suite, it offers an enviable view onto the Galapagos with wall to wall windows.

Why we like it

At the heart of all good adventures is plenty of rest and a good meal. The luxurious suites and common spaces of Aqua Mare take care of the relaxation, whilst a talented team of chefs and a menu of fusion cuisine keep you well nourished. At the heart of dish are local ingredients, sourced according to ethical and sustainable practices that support locals farmers and fishermen. Inspiration is then drawn from the surrounding landscapes and brought together with Japanese techniques and Peruvian flavors to create something that is both unique, as well as hugely satisfying to eat.