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For us, a luxury vacation in Denmark is not just about innovative culinary creations, fairytale countrysides or charming city harbors; it is about the art of being Danish. Whether it’s their reputation as the happiest people on the planet or the irresistible social nirvana that is ‘hygge’, the Danes have a knack for the friendly and the welcoming. Embrace it all and join us in falling head over heels for Denmark.

Snowy trees in Finnish Lapland


Of all the stunning natural beauty and cosmopolitan charm of Scandinavia, we’ve always felt a certain pull from Finland. We can’t call it undiscovered – but it does have that air to it, as you head into quiet wildernesses and stroll through storybook towns that few seem to know about. A luxury vacation in Finland is born out of an unobtrusive, modest nature that we can’t seem to get enough of.


Greenland really is one of the world’s last remaining frontiers; a playground of intrepid explorers where, in the heart of a true wilderness, you can go for miles without seeing another soul. A journey as much as a destination, a tailormade vacation in Greenland opens up to Arctic splendour from the viewpoint of snow-shoes, snowmobiles and cross-country skis on an adventure you won’t soon forget.


“There simply aren’t enough superlatives to describe how a private tour in Iceland can make you feel. It is a place of such jaw-dropping scenery that only seeing it with your own eyes can do it justice. A place where the backdrop comes into the foreground to take center stage, any luxury vacation or perhaps honeymoon through Iceland will see you hike over glaciers, dine in volcano chambers and snorkel between tectonic plates. Exhilarating, breathtaking and utterly unique; Iceland is one for the ages.”


From mighty Hardangerfjord to the stylishness of modern Oslo, adventure travel in Norway was designed for luxury getaways. To us, Norway is about contrasts; the cosmopolitan days and primal nights, the stripped-back and the luxurious. You’ll dine at the trendy restaurants of Oslo’s Aker Brygge and fall asleep in the cozy island cabins of faraway Manshausen.

Frozen lake in Sweden | Black Tomato


With an undeniable sense of style and sophistication – it gave us both ABBA and the Nobel Prize – a getaway to Sweden is an impossible offer to refuse. A place where cosmopolitan cities run into dramatic countryside; a luxury vacation in Sweden is one for the ages and one for the seasons alike.

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