Camilla Uddin

Iceland Travel Expert

“For a place long admired for its intriguing landscape and distinct culture, Iceland is also home to heaps of innovative lodging. We love the diversity of Icelandic hotels, found anywhere from the countryside to the heart of Reykjavik, and what completes a visit better than staying in a hotel that backs up to a striking lagoon or towers over a bright cityscape?” 

Camilla Uddin

Iceland Travel Expert

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Iceland Highlights

Bubbling, whirring, steaming below the surface, Iceland is a landscape of exploding geysers, bubbling lava, sensual hot pools and thundering waterfalls. Dip in and discover an island that is as phenomenal as it is fiery.
Diamond Circle


Iceland is a remarkable destination famed for one-of-a-kind landscapes of stunning natural beauty. From exploding geysers to thundering waterfalls and steaming hot pools, treat yourself to a private tour of an island that is as phenomenal as it is fiery. Enjoy all this and more – including the stunning beauty of the Northern Lights – with a luxury vacation to Iceland.

Diamond Circle


The best way to see Iceland’s most iconic sights is by driving the country’s most popular sightseeing route, the Golden Circle. Take a trip back in time and learn about how the island was formed through the stunning geology of Thingvellir National Park. Visit the hot springs of the Geysir geothermal field in the Haukadalur Valley before marvelling at one of Iceland’s most beautiful waterfalls, Gullfoss. Take a trip you’ll never forget by booking a private tour of these fascinating sites.


Book a luxury summer vacation to take advantage of long, sunny days and seize the opportunity to see the island’s wildlife in full force. There are fantastic spots for coastal horse-riding, seal-spotting and whale-watching. A summer trip means seeing Iceland at its greenest, but don’t worry about missing out on the snow. At Deplar Farm you can take to the mountains for a spot of heliskiing that will lead you from the summit all the way down to the sea.


Seeking somewhere for that perfect year-end retreat? Private tours of Iceland give you the chance to enjoy snow-capped surprises at every turn. Hike over a glacier, explore ice caves, marvel at the Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon or hop on a snowmobile to carve your own path through the unforgettable landscape. An elegant country lodge, Hotel Ranga lets you take to the sky with a private helicopter tour before experiencing the Northern Lights from the comfort of your own hot tub.


Iceland is not a destination to see from a tour bus or over the shoulders of the crowds; but one to truly immerse yourself in. Whether that be on the back of a snowmobile as you chase the Northern Lights or from a private boat on Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon, the best way to see Iceland is undoubtedly on a private luxury tour. Taking you into untapped corners of this rugged and wild country for an adventure-fuelled vacation, all without another person in sight, you’ll get to know Iceland unlike anyone else.


Where adventure leads, romance isn’t necessarily unable to follow. Part of the allure of a luxury honeymoon in Iceland lies in its sweeping landscapes, but the reality is those discoveries that can be made within them. Private candlelit dinners in glacial caves, helicopter tours to remote islands and an exclusive corner of the Blue Lagoon to dip into; a honeymoon in Iceland offers something truly unique. Dust it all off with luxury lodges and Iceland proves to be quite the romantic indeed.

Iceland Highlights

Bubbling, whirring, steaming below the surface, Iceland is a landscape of exploding geysers, bubbling lava, sensual hot pools and thundering waterfalls. Dip in and discover an island that is as phenomenal as it is fiery.


A country with unrivaled natural beauty, Iceland is bursting with both traditional and contemporary five-star hotels. The vibrant city of Reykjavik showcases both sophisticated and eclectic hotels, while more rural and unique accommodationss can be found closer to the country’s iconic hot springs, volcanoes, and glaciers.


Sometimes a good night’s rest calls for a hotel with little distractions. Don’t get us wrong, we love the extra bells and whistles, but subtle opulence is a timeless quality to embrace. The Sandhotel has this notion perfected – immaculate attention to detail, an elegant interior, and a fresh ambiance. Not to mention its city-center location, others really can’t compete.


An intriguing landscape, abundance of outdoor activities, and handful of quaint and colorful towns make the Iceland countryside a place we have long admired – and we aren’t alone there. Regardless of how your days here are spent – may we suggest the Northern Lights? – it’s important you have a cozy place to retire to. A few hours south of Reykjavik sits the remote Hotel Ranga, the perfect place to fall of the map and savor the light show.


For those who won’t settle for the obvious or the easiest, Iceland is the place. Full of various curiosities – the food, culture, language, and more – the hotels follow the same trend. For unique architecture, the Ion Hotel exhibits a playful design and resides in an ideal location for explorers. For a hotel unlike any other, recline in luxury at The Retreat at the Blue Lagoon, where the iconic sapphire waters twist and turn around the hotel property.

  • Capital Capital Reykjavik
  • Currency Currency Icelandic Krona
  • Language Language Icelandic
  • Population Population 328,000
  • Clock Clock GMT | ET+5
  • Expert Tip Expert Tip

    "Take the plunge and scuba dive into the icy waters between tectonic plates in the Thingvellir National Park"

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