Shakti Sikkim

Step out of the modern world, and be transported into a rural and traditional experience that is unrivaled. Spend the morning at Rinchenpong Monastery, taking part in morning prayers, before heading to a bustling market to try local delicacies. Walk over jaw-dropping bridges, and hike with magnificent mountains beside you. Shakti Sikkim is a spiritual experience like no other. Combine traditional houses with a spruce of luxury and wholesome hospitality, and an astounding adventure through the forgotten India is born. We at Black Tomato think you’ll be talking about this for years to come.


In India’s Eastern Himalayan Range you’ll find the Buddhist kingdom of Sikkim, bordered by Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. In the shadow of the world’s third highest mountain, Mt Kanchenjunga, this unique and untouched landscape is the perfect playground for the avid hiker, or those just looking for a cultural escape. Start your journey in Rinchenpong, three hours north of Darjeeling, the closest town to where the Sikkim Village Experience begins.

Your room

In each traditional house that you encounter, find luxurious comfort that doesn’t compromise on retaining traditions. Unwind after a day exploring on the veranda, with a cup of tea in hand, overlooking a spectacular panoramic of mountains.

Why we love it

Here at Black Tomato we love getting under the skin of a country. Shakti Sikkim Village walk is the perfect opportunity to do this, as you embark on a journey through various villages, staying with the most hospitable hosts and learning about the daily life of indigenous peoples. All this, and much more, in beautiful landscapes that you didn’t think existed.