The Leela Palace Chennai

Found at the estuary of the Adyar River and the Bengal Bay, The Leela Palace stands as grand as it sounds on 4.8 acres of land. With 326 rooms and panoramic sea views; this modern, regal palace hotel is ideal for you and your loved ones to be treated like royalty, or for your opulent business break on the stunning outskirts of Chennai’s business hub.


You are greeted by your chauffeur at Chennai International Airport before being whisked off just 15km to the coast of the Bengal bay. The capital of Tamil Nadu can be quite hectic. The palace is less than 10km from the hustle and bustle of Chennai where you can find the Kapalishvara Temple and Sam Thome Cathedral but perhaps a cocktail on the top floor bar overlooking the bay being lit up by the lamps of the local fishing vessels is more your thing?

Your Room

Each spacious, majestic, modern suite gives you the chance to enjoy a perfect assembly of Indian tradition and contemporary comfort. With premier furnishings and regal amenities you’re guaranteed to feel like the king of the castle in Chettinad’s only premier palace hotel located on the coast. Rich blends of regal colors accompany the royal golds that line the hotels interior.

Why we like it

The sheer grandeur of the palace creates an ambience like no other in this Eastern India state. Being close to the city really makes you appreciate the opulence of the Palace. Indulging in the ESPA Spa and watching over the Bengal bay is as relaxing as putting your slippers on in winter.