The Serai, Jaisalmer

The Serai, Jaisalmer is a gorgeous classic encampment set some twenty miles West of the 12th-century medieval citadel of Jaisalmer in the heart of the Great Thor Desert. Boasting 21 luxurious tented suites, this personal and romantic desert dwelling holds something for everyone. After your camel safari and desert drives over the dunes, you can gently toast a glass of champagne and occupy yourself with spa treatments.


Fly into Jodhpur and relax on as you embark on a scenic drive to camp. You can also depart by helicopter if you wanted to view the hundred-acre private estate by air before touching down in your desert sanctuary. From the grounds of your tented terrace in the center of The Thor, shepherds and local villagers can be observed as they go about their day.

Your room

All suites are canvased sheltering you with a thousand square feet of space and the interiors are individually styled. With 14 tented suites and 6 luxury suites lining in perfect symmetry of 10 either side of the pool leading down by a candle-lit path to the Royal tented suite at the foot of the camp. Centerd on sandstone and formally following the reputation of The Golden City that Jaisalmer has, each suite is decorated in traditional Victorian-safari-style furnishing turning everyone’s Indiana Jones dream into a reality. Filled with honey candle lit brass lanterns, each cream canvass tent includes typically Indian features from woven jute to decorative wooden bowls and a stone bathroom finish.

Why we like it

The blend of intimate romance with a dash of a spicy medieval golden city is the perfect recipe to be out of sight, out of mind and to reset yourself. However, you can still feed your adventurous senses with a number of excursions before returning to your lavish desert slumber.