Capri Tiberio Palace, Capri

For a fun and colorful take on Italian elegance look no further than Capri Tiberio Palace. Located right in the heart of glamorous Capri, this hotel injects some quirkiness into an island which takes it splendour rather seriously. With breath-taking views out to sea from all of its 45 rooms, a glorious 1960s Cuban bar and vibrant decorative design pieces collected from all over the world, Tiberio Palace blends classic Italian chicness with playful informality to make something truly special. 


Just off Italy’s Amalfi Coast, on the island of Capri, you will find Tiberio Palace. To reach the island, it is a 30-minute boat ride from the stylish town of Sorrento (hello, day trip) or from the city of Naples. When in Capri, aside from sunning yourself and just generally living la dolce vita, be sure to take a boat out to the island’s ethereal blue grotto before heading off to the gorgeous Piazzetta for a bowl of tagliatelle and a glass of vino. 

Your Room 

The 45 rooms at Tiberio Palace are luxurious and exciting. Each is unique, like the hotel itself, and their colors and quirkiness delight the senses. Designer Gianpiero Panepinto has used pastel colors and unusual design pieces to make the rooms intimate as well as interesting and the views out to sea will leave you speechless. The Bellevue Suite is particularly stunning as the only suite in the whole of Capri to boast a rooftop pool and al fresco dining on its very own private terrace. 

Why we like it 

Tiberio Palace is somewhat a breath of fresh air. Whilst still conforming in its style to the glamor and sophistication that make Capri one of the chicest spots in Europe, it also shines with brilliant personality. Thanks to Italian interior designer Gianpiero Panepinto, every front desk room and suite stands out with mismatched furniture and beautiful world art adorning the walls. Don’t even get us started on the tiles decorating the Bellevue Suite’s plunge pool and the hotel’s floors –  they’re so stunning we want them in our office.