Portrait Firenze, Florence

A salute to haute couture, Portrait Firenze is classic and timeless luxury. With panoramic views over the Arno River and saffron hues of Florence, this boutique exclusive residence is in the heart of Florence’s historic art and cultural district, just moments away from the medieval Ponte Vecchio. Part of the Salvatore Ferragamo group, the hotel offers an assurance of luxury, and will strive to provide a stay as fine as the delicate decor that decorates the exquisite interior and iconic exterior.


At hub of the ancient city of Florence, Portrait Firenze is in a fantastic location not just for the easy assess to a myriad of cultural sights such as the Piazza della Signoria or the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, but also for the proximity to the energy that central Florence exudes. Built on the banks of the Arno River it is a perfect place for replacing the hustle and bustle that comes with sight-seeing with an indulgent and peaceful stay.

Your room

Designer Michele Bönan has artfully woven marble and velvet suites with a typically striking Italian style to create an opulent and lavish series of rooms- the smallest of which is 40 sqm with the largest being 120 sqm, and all but one have a view of the Ponte Vecchio bridge. With all the usual amnesties including smart electronics, an i-pad with inbuilt pillow menu, and world-class beds, the dedication to interior detail stands strongly out from this Florence hotel.

Why we like it

As natural born travelers we at Black Tomato have a drive to constantly be on the move however Portrait Firenze is one hotel in Florence we would strongly consider residency at. For its commanding character, stunning situation and tastefully opulent decor it is the essence of class.

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