Geejam, Port Antonio

Catering to a hip, rock star crowd with its dedicated in-grounds recording studio, Jon Baker’s original Jamaican hotel property is a laid back resort where dazzling rainforest meets sweeping ocean views. The peace and isolation here is not what you would expect from Jamaica’s overdeveloped tourism environment and with a total of five guest accommodations, Geejam really bucks the trend in providing guests pure seclusion and privacy.


Once a bustling tourist hub, Port Antonio has since been eclipsed by Montego Bay and Ocho Rios as the Jamaican hotspots, but it still maintains a reputation amongst a chic and elegant crowd attracted to the small collection of boutique hotels far away from the crowds that accompany the typical mega-resorts. Its location on the northeast coast, situated in the greenest and most mountainous region of the island nation, makes way for many rivers, waterfalls, caves, lush jungles and of course some of the most secluded white-sand beaches in the country. Geejam’s location smack in the middle of unspoiled rainforest is truly an undisguised luxury jungle experience and is the ideal gateway to all of the regions natural wonders.


Five luxury villas make up Geejam with unique decor inspired by musical genres and artwork and furnishings from the likes of Banksy and Philippe Starck. It is literally one-step from jungle wilderness to clean and modern comfort. The spacious three-bedroom villa seems transplanted directly from the Hollywood Hills, complete with a colossal private pool. The aptly named Drum and Bass studio suite has an oversized patio with a private Jacuzzi which takes full advantage of panoramic views of the ocean.


Exclusivity is the key here, a deck overlooks the private waterfall right in the middle of the hotel grounds. Even better is Geejam’s very own Wi-Fi enabled private beach on Mack Bay which sits alongside some of the most turquoise waters in Jamaica. With its unique mix of wilderness, comfort, luxury and seclusion, Geejam easily sits atop our list of the best hotels in Jamaica.