Mahali Mzuri, Maasai Mara

Translating as ‘beautiful place’ in Swahili, Mahali Mzuri certainly lives up to its name. Commanding sweeping views across the bush, you’ll have front row seats to one of nature’s greatest spectacles with the Great Migration thundering past each summer. From the morning bush hot chocolate with a dash of Amarula to the evening sundowners, enjoy it all in contemporary luxury. Twelve luxurious tented suites rest atop raised platforms in a flawless design that does everything to comfort you without disrupting or impinging upon the natural beauty that exists here.


Built amid a thicket of Acacia trees on the exclusive Olare Motorogi Conservancy at the edge of the world-famous Maasai Mara National Park, there’s plenty for guests to experience, explore and marvel at here. You’re within touching distance of the Mara itself, though with a wealth of game on your doorstep, you’ll never need to venture far. In fact, with Olare Motorogi forming a backdrop to a battle for dominance between several lion prides, game drives here are always exciting.

Your Room

On first glance, the twelve tented suites of Mahali Mzuri may seem at odds with their surroundings with their strikingly contemporary exteriors. However, on closer inspection, their home in the bush is confirmed with canvas walls to protect you from the elements yet huge window panels and private terraces to connect you to the splendour of them, with complimentary binoculars by your bedside that allow game viewing to begin the moment you wake up. Speaking of waking up, you’ll do it in a sumptuous king-size bed set beneath bold multi-coloured swagging which contrasts perfectly to the buttery leather tones of the room. Elsewhere, you’ll find freestanding bathtubs and Maasai design features. For families, two of the suites can also be converted to include a twin-bed set-up in the living room.

Why we like it

Mahali Mzuri may be a camp – but not as you know it. Not only are the tents supremely luxurious, but there’s also Nasaro spa and a jaw-dropping infinity pool to truly make the most of your time here. Having worked up an appetite, the dining doesn’t disappoint either with pan-African flavors served up in an ever-inventive range of locations. If you ask us though, little beats a champagne breakfast served up in the bush.

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