Damaraland Camp

It’s no wonder why Damaraland is ranked among the best camps in Namibia. Renowned for its natural beauty, it offers unparalleled landscapes of the sparse desert plains and the Brandberg Mountains from a perfect distance. Relax around the camp’s pool or enjoy nature walks to see rare wildlife – such as the desert-adapted elephant and the black rhino – as you get to grips with this astonishing part of the world.


Surrounded by low hills in the Huab River Valley, Damaraland Camp enjoys the luxury of being situated in one of the best areas for wilderness in the entire country. The whole camp is wonderfully isolated, providing the tranquil, uninterrupted atmosphere that your surroundings deserve.

Your room

With cozy rooms constructed out of wood, adobe and canvas, Damaraland really knows how to make a guest feel at home, despite the desolate surroundings. There are 10 rooms complete with en-suite, accompanied by a large dining area and perfectly placed swimming pool. Don’t forget to make the most of your private patio, which offers stunning evening views of Africa’s skyline.

Why we like it

When you can feel comfortable in a region of the world as stark and isolated as this, you know your accommodation is doing something right. With pristine accessibility to some of the world’s most hidden wildlife, Damaraland is everything you could hope for in a safari retreat; any stay here is special.

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