North Island, Seychelles

North Island.  For a slice of heaven, look no further.  With accommodations for just a few guests, the five hundred acre island is a sanctuary of seclusion and tranquillity; so much so that you need never see another guest.  Aside from its breath-taking beauty, the property offers exclusively tailored, yet utterly discreet, service.  Rather than menus, personal preferences are discussed upon arrival with the island’s chef and meals are complemented with your choice of wine from North’s (as it affectionately known) extensive cellar, and rather than a set restaurant, choose between the Island Piazza, your villa or by moonlight at one of the many secluded beach side spots around the island. You can expect the same level of service for around the clock in-villa spa treatments.

Your Room

Hidden among palm fringed edge of East Beach the islands ten main villas have been designed to offer the polar opposite to the stresses and strains of everyday life.  Here, fall into a haven of serenity, space and privacy and cocoon yourself in the subtly lavish confines of your villa.  With fully retractable glass doors, the handcrafted villas give the sense of sleeping in the great outdoors – especially as you awaken to the sounds of jungle and lapping water as the sun rises from a sapphire horizon. Considering the private dining area, kitchen, rain-shower, plunge pool and the mere hop, skip and jump that it takes to dip your toes into the Indian Ocean, we really wouldn’t blame you if you never left. But if you do – North Island really is a beauty to behold.  Check into the spa for a massage after a morning working towards your complimentary PADI qualification, before whizzing over on your personal golf buggy to West Beach Bar for a spot of lunch and a few mid-afternoon cocktails. We challenge anyone to find a more idyllic beach-side honeymoon destination.


North Island truly sets a benchmark for paradise.  Combine each and every one of your preconceived daydreams and you’ll start to build up a picture of this no less than perfect location. Crystal-clear waters ranging in hue from inky sapphire to turquoise, lapping upon talcum sands fringed by lazy palms swaying in the breeze – it’s sheer bliss. As if North needed a further jewel in its emerald and tanzanite studded crown, the island is also something of conservation hotspot. Clearly much more than just a pretty face. As one of forty granitic islands flung out in the Indian Ocean surrounding the Seychelles main islands of Mahé and Praslin, North takes seclusion to the next level; so much so that it foregoes a landing dock.  The only way for guests to reach the island is via a 15-minute helicopter ride from Mahé. That’s what we call arriving in style.

Why we like it

Although North Island occupies a space straight out of paradise, there is a significant amount of brains behind this beauty.  We love that its conservation credentials are so high on the agenda and that the programmes are so accessible to guests. So visit this little slice of paradise and not only will you feel all your worries simply melt away, but you’ll discover just how North has helped the Seychelles gain its reputation as ‘The Galapagos of the Indian Ocean’.

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