Silken Gran Domine, Bilbao

Contemporary Silken Gran Domine, Bilbao is a luxury hotel that oozes modern flair. Set in the heart of the city, it is the perfect place to explore the gems that this contemporary art hub has to offer. Inside the hotel, the dramatic vertical sculpture ‘fossil cypress’ rises 26 meters up to the ceiling and greets guests with a magnificent sight at the entrance. It is the perfect introduction to Bilbao’s unique and charming artistic appeal.


Located next to the Guggenheim Museum, the Silken Gran Domine is the perfect place to stay in Bilbao. Travelers should visit the world famous museum and find exquisite works of art by the likes of Richard Serra and Justin K. Thannhauser. Alternatively, take a scenic trip down Bilbao river for fantastic views of the city and it’s attractions.

Your Room

Chose from spacious rooms and suites, all of which provide unbeatable views of the city. Some suites are furnished with designer furniture, artwork by Javier Mariscal and Phillipe Starck bathrooms, making for a truly glamorous stay.

Why we like it

Dine at DOMA restaurant, headed by renowned chef Martín Berasategui, who has a wonderful 7 Michelin stars. Only high quality ingredients are chosen for guests to enjoy the freshest food whilst admiring beautiful skyline views of Bilbao.

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