Narbona Wine Lodge, Carmelo

Narbona started life over 100 years ago as one of Uruguay’s first vineyards and blissfully little has changed since. The Antique Cellar still stands and plays regular host to wine tastings with culinary pairings. The harvest continues on by hand, focusing on low yields and higher quality. All that has changed is that five elegant guestrooms have been added, helping you savor that taste of Carmelo a little bit longer. The result is that a stay at Narbona Wine Lodge feels very much like you are joining the family with an intimacy and warmth that can only come from a place truly passionate about what they do.


Though Carmelo may be known as Uruguay’s wine region, Narbona is keen to show you that that’s not all it has to offer. Sitting at the confluence of the Rio de la Plata and Rio Uruguay and amid splendid pine forests, there is much to explore. Start off by cycling Narbona’s 15-acres of vines before perhaps venturing further to spend a day on the beach at Puerto Camacho, setting sail on a sunset cruise later. Accompanied by Narbona’s own wines wherever you go, you can be sure of an idyllic day. Three hours from Montevideo, we recommend breaking your journey halfway with a stop in UNESCO listed Colonia del Sacramento and arriving at Narbona in time for a sunset wine tasting.

Your Room

Honouring Narbona’s history of winemaking, the five rooms each take inspiration from a different variety. According to whether that’s Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc, the design of each room subtly shifts to embrace a new color palette with antique furnishings only adding to their personality. Opening up onto views of either the winery or the vineyard from private terraces and balconies, you’ll be put at the heart of it all. We especially loved Tannat and Rose with their four-poster beds and huge paned-glass windows overlooking the vines.

Why we like it

Arriving here, it is immediately clear that Narbona takes its wine seriously. Yet it invites you to be a part of that process too. Far beyond just a tasting, Narbona invites you to blend and bottle your own wine (or grappa, if you’re feeling bold) in the company of an expert oenologist. They’ll then bottle it and send it home for you to share with friends and family on return. If you’re looking to get more hands-on still? Visit between February and March when the harvest is in full swing and you’re welcome to roll up your sleeves and lend a hand.