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The words ‘private travel’ tend to bring two sentiments to mind: remote locales and a private means of getting there. Private travel is, after all, done on your own terms and nothing exemplifies this quite like traveling by private jet.

With the ability to set your own schedule, determine your own route and customize every other detail of your journey, flying private offers an entirely bespoke experience. But it also gives you a lot to think about. That’s where we come in.

We’ve built up relationships with the best private jet operators in the business to not only be able to find the right jet for you – but to work out how it fits into the rest of your trip and requirements too. So, whether you’re looking to fly out of Teterboro into Le Bourget and then onto Monaco; whether you’re flying with your family of four, your group of 14 friends, your beloved pet. We’ll craft a solution bespoke to you.

With us, we’re not presenting you with individual pieces of a puzzle, but a complete picture.

How does private jet pricing work?

Contrary to popular belief, flying private doesn’t always mean paying exorbitant prices. Whilst private jet charter prices typically range from around $8,000 for a short 1-2 hour flight in a small jet to $200,000 plus for a return long haul flight, if you’re flexible on dates and routes, further deals can be found for ‘empty legs,’ when a jet needs to be repositioned but doesn’t have a passenger booking to do so. These segments are often offered at a significant discount, so it pays dividends where an appropriate route can be found.

Whilst many factors go into the price of flying by private jet, the key difference between flying private versus flying commercial is that rather than paying per seat, you’re paying for the flight as a whole, regardless of how many or few of the seats you use. Pricing for a jet charter will include the cost of the crew, fuel, landing fees and so much more. No hidden extras here. Naturally, the bigger the jet, the bigger the price tag, but with a huge range of jets on offer, this means you need not pay for anything more than what you need. So if you’re a family of four seeking a private escape, there’s a jet for that – just as there’s one for a large celebratory getaway with friends and family.

It’s not all about size, however, and with a number of variables to consider, such as range and luggage requirements, the choice can seem overwhelming. We’ll cut through the noise and find the jet that’s right for you.

Then, if flying private becomes a way of life? There are also pre-paid jet accounts available which will open the doors to priority availability, upgrades and more. We can also help plan a route for your own jet if that’s what you’re looking for.

What happens at the airport?

In a world where every moment of time off is precious, convenience is king – and this is where private aviation comes into its own. Beyond the luxurious onboard trappings, the pre-flight convenience of flying private is one of the key reasons why we’d recommend it. When flying private, the convenience begins before you’ve even arrived at the airport. Smaller aircraft means private jets have access to a greater range of airports, helping you cut down transfer times and connections and allowing you to travel on your own timetable.

Even if you do choose to travel from a larger commercial hub though, you need not experience it. Private jets benefit from their own private terminals, or FBOs, which mean you can forget arriving three hours pre-departure, the long lines through security and over-crowded lounges. Instead, you can typically arrive just 30 minutes before boarding and sail straight through. In some cases, you can even be dropped off by car right at the steps to the plane.

On arrival at your destination, you’ll also benefit from your own private customs process, meaning you’ll be on your way almost immediately upon landing.

What happens onboard a private jet?

When boarding your jet, you will always be personally welcomed – at a distance – by your captain. All the jets we work with are always staffed by a pilot and first officer and whilst their job is first and foremost to get you safely from A to B, they are also always on hand to answer any questions you may have. Any other cabin crew present will depend on the size of jet; cabin crew are typically only present onboard larger jets.

Whether you have cabin crew onboard or not, however, you’ll still enjoy full access to onboard entertainment. A huge range of catering can be arranged and delivered to the aircraft before you board and you’ll have full access to a bar stocked with your favorite tipples during the flight. If you’d prefer to bring your own food and drink though, you’re more than welcome. This is the perk of private aviation, after all, doing things your way. Many private jets are also equipped with WiFi meaning you can stay connected at all times, if you so wish.


Our favorite ways to fly private

Flying private means flying wherever your heart takes you – so get creative. Some of our favorite journeys taken by private jet are those that, on the face of it, may seem unconventional. The reality of these journeys, however, is the ability to unlock a destination in a new way.

There was the family who, on looking for somewhere new, allowed us to direct their jet to the isolated Faroe Islands whereupon the children were immersed in ancient Nordic culture. The husband who, looking for a last-minute birthday surprise for his wife, gathered her closest friends and flew them out for a weekend on a private island. But there’s also the career couple who, short on time, saw a private jet not just as a means to go from A to B, but to link up their destinations in an immersive flying safari across Africa. After all, it’s not every day you see the Great Migration from your window seat.


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