Welcome to life at the edge of the world

Following on from our intimate portraits of the people who bring Spain to life, our new series of films took us to the far reaches of northern Norway, indulging our curiosity about the people and places of this faraway land.

In this trailer for the films we’ll be releasing over the coming weeks, we introduce you to Nord-Norge, a region only eight hundred miles from our London office. A place where supermarket meal deals, irritating traffic jams, and trendy pop-ups seem like a distant memory.

Most of us encounter Norway through TV box sets and boxy knitwear. In Norway’s north, home to fewer than half a million people spread across its vast and mythical bulk, life is very different – brilliant white in winter, and deeply verdant during the long, bright summer, where sleds and boats take over from cars and subways. This remoteness is exactly what drew our curiosity about the ‘land of the midnight sun,’ asking ourselves: can a  place that looks so dramatic on our Instagram feeds live up to the reality? And what is it like to actually live here?

In these films, you’ll meet some of the fascinating people who have made a life in this remote part of the world – including Borge, an arctic explorer and crafter of enviable seaside structures, as well as Torkill, who keeps the tradition of dog-sledding alive and well.

Meet Torkill

Ready to see Norway?

One of the world’s most spectacular destinations, let us take you through snow-capped forests, over untouched mountains peaks, and across steel blue fjords – you can meet the characters from our video series too. Just let us know when we talk.