A cinematic odyssey into magical Morocco

Becky looks back on one of her most memorable journeys.

We’ve seen the world – and we will see it again. But in the meantime, we’re going to keep in touch, reminding you of why we travel in the first place. For us, travel has always started with a dream. A dream of somewhere else and of some time else. That’s why we’re going to look back at the trips we’ve made in order to feel the thrill of the trips we’re going to take. Place by place, face by face – we’re looking back to look forward.

Here, Becky revisits one of her most meaningful travel experiences.

We’ve been travelling to Morocco, Spain’s balmy southern neighbour, for as long as we can remember. This mountain of experience has led to our most adventurous itinerary yet. From colourful Chefchaouen to the scintillating souks of Marrakech, we’ve crafted the ultimate introduction to this eye-opening Kingdom of rich saffron and foot-tapping gnawa. You’ll see Morocco at its most marvelous, cultural and indulgent, travelling from busy souks to craggy mountain passes by camel, sidecar and balloon. Watch the video below and see for yourself, or read on to learn more about the people and places behind the pictures.

If Becky’s trip gave you the same travel itch that it did for us, take a look at Morocco page here for some more trip inspiration. Or get in touch with us below and let’s start planning your own bespoke experience.


Diving deeper into Morocco

A protectorate of France and Spain until 1956, Morocco bears the marks of its European colonization in its street names and architecture. But it boasts a deep heritage of its own; of nomadic Berber culture and the fortresses of its earlier Marinid and Saadi dynasties. A protracted guerrilla war with Mauritania ended in 1991, after clashes over its disputed Western Sahara territories.

Things are more stable today in this nation of curious contrasts. Toubkal, its highest mountain, is slaked in snow; yet it is fringed by the blistering dunes of the Sahara desert. Casablanca is a bustling, modern city – with glassy towers and malls – whereas Marrakech and Zegora amaze with their classical Arabian atmosphere: of golden, stone-walled medinas and rich woven carpets. This itinerary is designed to give you a big bite of its more exotic, historic side; albeit assisted by some very modern conveniences. Rest assured, however: there’ll still be plenty of tagine, mint tea, and private pools than you can shake a towel at.

How will I get around?

Our itinerary gets creative with transport; from Berber-led camel treks across the dunes to side-car rides through the districts of Marrakesh. A hot air balloon will ferry you across the riotous peaks of the Atlas Mountains, and boisterous 4x4s will take you beyond where the roads end. We can make your personal itinerary as fast-paced or as slow as you like. We’ll never push you too far, too fast. It’s your Moroccan adventure, after all.

Where will I be staying?

The hotels we’ve paired with this itinerary – and, in fact, with all our Moroccan itineraries – are designed to indulge, revive and amaze you in equal measure. From the exquisite luxury of the Villa des Orangers to the palatial pureness of world-famed Kasbah Tamadot. Morocco is famous for its exceptional service and refinement, and we’ve arranged only the very best.

What should I know before I go?

  • The video above is based around one of our most popular trips to Morocco. But because we personalise each of our itineraries, yours may look very different. It’s always entirely up to you. 
  • You can do this trip solo or as part of a large, multi-generational group. Talk to our Travel Experts and let them know who you want to share your Moroccan adventure with.
  • The high heat of summer might become too much, so we recommend travelling in the Spring or Autumn. But, should you want to go during the warmer months, we can always recommend a trip that’s suited to the unrelenting sun.