Day 3: Rim Trail & Anderson Ranch

To fuel myself for today, I went all out at breakfast – something I’ve discovered the Viceroy Snowmass do particularly well… but then again, why wouldn’t they? After three big blackberry quinoa pancakes with maple syrup, I was ready to head up the Rim Trail. At the top there’s an enormous and striking granite ying and yang viewing platform, where you can see for miles in every direction. I’m told that Ziegler Resevoir, which  I can see in the distance, was dug up a few years ago, only for them to discover the finest alpine Ice Age fossil trove in the world.

Apparently there are lots of bears in the area, who like to gorge on the wild fruit and berries; if they can’t find enough food in the mountains (because the season has been too dry) then they start to wander down to the towns, so I’ve made a mental note not to leave any food in the car overnight.

After a long and lovely stint up in the mountains, I then headed to Anderson Ranch, which is a collective of artists and craftsmen from the area. There are all sorts of workshops on their programme, so visitors and locals can get stuck into anything from photography, print-making, woodwork and ceramics. It has such an energising creative vibe, so I stuck around to watch the world go by as I had some tea in the café.