Iceland Captured: The Nature Lover

The best way to really appreciate Iceland’s natural beauty is on one of its most famous natives: the Icelandic horse. Then you have time to pause and take in the moment, riding over mountains, waterfalls and colourful valleys rippled red and green from the land’s geothermal activity—nature literally at work beneath your feet. In this video, we follow local actress and guide Thorey on horseback through its mountains and plains to discover how Iceland can be a refuge from modern-day distractions for any nature lover.

In Iceland, you’re constantly reminded that we are naught in the face of nature. From thundering waterfalls to dark seas and lava fields, or turfed houses that look and feel as if grown from the earth itself. It can be overwhelming. But not to Thorey. With her wild flowing red hair and warm smile, she seems completely at home, navigating us to secret spots with nothing but nature’s compass as her guide. We stopped for lunch at a tomato farm for some warming soup before ending on the black coast—everywhere we went we realised that all Icelander’s hold a deep respect and connection to nature, but above all, they feel free and welcome amongst it.

If you feel like taking a ride in Iceland’s fresh air and wide plains, take a look at our summer sojourn below and get ready to embrace untouched nature yourself.


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