Paying a visit to historic Keythorpe Hall

The owners of Keythorpe Hall describe this renovated 18th century manor as ‘perfectly imperfect’. For Barbara and Giles, this is a work of love, creating something special in the folds of England’s countryside. Local produce, sustainable materials, and regional cooking take centre stage, where history and modernity are perfectly complimented; from start to finish.

A sole-use property with spectacular, panoramic views of the surrounding countryside (where you’ll rub shoulders with Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon and collegiate Cambridge), Keythorpe is a welcome panacea for urban fatigue. You come here to step out of time. Unnoticed, your phone battery will run to zero. There is no burr or buzz of motorways and cars.

Chatting over cups of spiced chai, we reflected on the meal we’d just sat down to eat – a taste of which you can glimpse in our new film, above. Prepared by Keythorpe’s team of dedicated chefs, the dishes – of fish and pastry, salad and beetroot – had their source almost entirely from the neighbouring walled garden (tended over by the inimitable Claudio). Meanwhile, wines, paired fittingly for the feast, had been selected specifically by the property’s very own wine concierge. While the air was chill, great lances of light poured through the ceiling-height windows, filling the rooms with golden, balmy sun.

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