A Moment with Andrew Campbell – Oracle Team USA

It may still be a year away, but the excitement of the America’s Cup is building around the world, and in Bermuda especially, the anticipation is palpable. How could we, then, resist having a quick chat with Andrew Campbell of Team Oracle?

A California native that’s been sailing the waters of Bermuda for the past year in preparation for the 2017 event, we felt this was the ideal opportunity to get an alternative perspective of life in Bermuda (as well as talk sailing). One of Bermuda’s newest residents, here’s what Andrew had to tell us about life and work on this stunning little island…

How long have you been in Bermuda?

I’ve been here a year, but already it feels like home. The whole team loves it here, and we quickly realised that the hospitality that Bermuda is most famous for covers more than just tourists. The people are incredible; they immediately opened their arms to all of us.

How’s the sailing in Bermuda?

Oh, the sailing here is incredible – all year round. This place is truly unbelievable and we’re hoping the America’s Cup will highlight it even more. If you’re into your sailing especially, you need to get out here. Obviously there’s a huge diving scene and the beaches are stunning, but the reality is this place should be known for sailing. Watch this space.


What does a typical day look like in the life of an Oracle team member?

Well, we try to get out on the water four days a week for about three hours each session. And if we’re not sailing, we’re probably in the gym, or sleeping. It’s quite an intense schedule, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. The America’s cup is the pinnacle of the sport and this was always the goal.

Finally – why do you think people should come to the island?

The thing with Bermuda is – it’s an easy place to convince people to come and visit. It’s so beautiful and has so much going on – the sailing, the diving, the people – you just need to get out here and see it for yourself.