A moment with Kristin White, St George’s Bermuda

Kristin White lives and works in St George’s, dedicating her life to cultural tourism and the history of this fascinating town, the first of the New World. We stopped to have a chat with her about history and life in St Georges, Bermuda.

What inspires you and your work?

I’m very passionate about St George’s. I moved here 13 years ago and I still love exploring the old streets which are full of love and incredible beauty. The history is astounding and I’ve discovered a very proud community here with a strong sense of place. It’s the perfect place to be located when working on cultural tourism.

Tell us a bit about living in St Georges

Living in St George’s is like living in a museum, history is everywhere you look, which I love. It’s the community that I love too, however. Four years ago, I bought a bookshop that had closed down. Opening is back up and seeing it thrive has enabled me to get more involved in the local community. I very strongly believe St Georges is Bermuda’s most untapped asset, and everyone that lives here would agree with me.

How would you spend your perfect day here?

I’d ride a bicycle around the old streets and absorb the feel of the place. I’d then pop into the beautiful Perfumery before going up to explore the abandoned golf course. It’s eery but beautiful in an overgrown, forgotten way, and the old golf cart paths are perfect for yet more cycling. I’d watch the sun set on Fort St Katherine Beach.

Why should people come to Bermuda?

Obviously I’m bias, but I believe our beaches are the most beautiful in the world. I’m so lucky to live here, I’m constantly marvelling and I feel so connected to nature every day. What’s more, our people are funny, fun and incredibly inclusive. There’s no divide between visitors and locals. And if you’re interested in history and heritage as well as beach time, you’ve got St Georges, an essential stop if you want to understand the history of the New World.