Old Forts & Smugglers Caves

We began our first day by coming face to face with the constant interaction of the old and new, the wild and the pristine, which contributes so much to the identity of Bermuda. From the plethora of old forts that are now overgrown and wild, to the picture-perfect beaches that run seamlessly into dramatic rocky-outcrops, we were quick to learn that this island has so much to offer.

Fort Hamilton was our first stop. Lying on the outskirts of Hamilton City, the fort was built in the 1800’s to protect the area, but was left to ruin before completion. Now a beautiful spot from which to overlook the harbor, it was the tropical gardens that have taken over the Fort’s moat that was the highlight for us. Giant bamboo and fern, creeping plants and fruit trees now rule here, and we couldn’t help but feel like we were having a ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ moment as we followed the trail, marveling at what Alex aptly described as ‘tropical houseplants on steroids’.

From here we moved on to Admiralty House Park, where caves once used by rumrunners and pirates are now a haven for cliff jumpers and snorkelers. A lesser-known coastal spot and a favourite of the locals; this is the place to come for picturesque views and a sunshine picnic without the crowds.