A snapshot of Latin America

There’s nothing quite like the peaceful quietude of the desert. Or the roar of a rushing waterfall, hidden in the depths of dense forest. In the rugged wilds of Chile, flanked by towering snow-capped mountains or vast rocky canyons, you’re entirely encircled by the soft hum of nature.

In this short film, you’ll follow Tom, Carly, Ian, Sarah and Alex’s own journey through Chile, on which they embraced the great outdoors and explored every inch of Patagonia National Park and the Atacama Desert. Their purpose? To research the secrets behind designing the perfect Chilean adventure. Diving deep, hiking picturesque trails, spotting rare wildlife and feeling the thrill of connecting with their natural surroundings. The clips they filmed and captured along the way have culminated in this cinematic celebration of the intrepid spirit of exploration. A memory of a space in time the team won’t easily forget.

Upon their return, the sentiment was clear. That Chile is a country for the curious, where you’ll find beauty and remoteness in equally sublime measure. To begin plotting your own route through Chile, click the button below. You simply have to see it for yourself. Really.

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