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We sat down with world-renowned photographer Lucy Laucht

A photographer, content director and overall professional traveler, Lucy Laucht has touched every corner of the globe in her career, working with some of the top brands and media companies around the world. She’s also co-founded hat line Tio y Tia alongside a collective of creative women, gathering inspiration from the depths of America’s Southwest.  

Coming up on ten years behind the camera, her warm and delicately inviting tones drew us to her work and we’ve been following along ever since. Photo Credit: Lucy Laucht @lucylaucht

Where does your inspiration come from?

Art, architecture and above all else travel—for me just being somewhere else is a powerful, inspiring thing.

Photographer in Sydney Australia Lucy Laucht

How do you reflect that in your work?

I strive to capture the moments in-between and for my photographs to have a transportive feel.

Looking through your Instagram, you have a lot of aerial photos. What do you find so interesting about that perspective?

I love how landscapes reveal themselves from above—Australia, in particular, has breathtaking abstract patterns and colors.


You’ve traveled to some pretty remote areas of the world. Where has been your favorite and why?

I was lucky enough to visit the Amazon – an incredible experience. It took a plane, two boats and a three-hour hike to get there.

The intricate ecosystem balance blew me away. We learned without female mosquitoes a cocoa tree’s flowers wouldn’t be pollinated and therefore no chocolate (who knew!) We watched giant otters feed on piranhas—I’ve never seen a place so chock full of life.


What’s your favorite hotel you’ve had the opportunity to photograph?

Amangiri in Utah—without doubt one of the most stunning properties in the world.

Amangiri Architecture Shot
Amangiri Architecture Shot

What’s the first stop after you’ve arrived in a new place?

I always try to find a good coffee shop. There I order coffee, sit and watch the world go by. Also, I try to seek out photography galleries and museums because they give insight into how local photographers see a place. I love the Fola Fototeca Latinoamericana in Buenos Aires and the Etherton Gallery in Tucson.

Who should we be following on Instagram right now?

@dantom and @iogreer for their stunning India portraits. I’m finding inspiration in the work of Saul Leiter and Jacques Henri Lartigue. George O’Keeffe is a constant inspiration.

Lucy Laucht Australia Beach Ocean Water
Lucy Laucht Australia Beach

The no. 1 thing you never leave out of your carry-on?

Chantecaille Essence Vitale for hydration while flying, miso soup sachets for sustenance and a moleskin journal for words.

The destination that you have on 2018’s bucket list?

Japan, I can’t wait!

What’s your favourite in-flight entertainment?

I’m a podcast addict! Current favorites: The Goop podcast, Guilty Feminist, 99% Invisible. Breaking Ground, Desert Island Discs and How I Built This.