Sensorial sojourns

Trips for June

A collection of trips that speak to the senses

Each month, we’re releasing a roundup of our trips based around the senses – of tastes and colours, fragrances and feelings. As summer comes into focus, we’re looking ahead to some of the sensorial sojourns that you can embark on in the month ahead.

Touch – the press of binoculars against the bridge of your nose

Plastic, metal, glass. For a moment, the image is split in two; ovals of a landscape that jolts and rises. Here, along Botswana’s Khwai River, you sight the majestic flanks of a herd of elephants, drawn to the waters to drink.

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Scent – the spices of the markets of Fez

Cumin, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon. The markets of Morocco’s Fez are filled with the scents, spilling from sacks and emanating from the doorways of unnamed eateries. Best foot forward. Come hungry.

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path summer sky

Taste – the wines of Bariloche

The lakes and hills of Argentina’s Bariloche are better known as the ‘lake district’. From your own peaceful retreat, you’ll picnic, wine, and dine in some of the country’s most spectacular landscapes. Bliss.

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See – the ochre ravines of Utah

Nothing is more awe-inspiring, more ancient and powerful, than the striated orange-ochre-butterscotch ravines of Zion National Park. To hike, to raft, to ride, or simply to marvel. It is sublime.

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Hear – the immense silence of Reynisfjara

As John Cage rightly put it, no silence is truly silent. On the black sand beaches of Reynisfjara, Iceland, you’ll drink in the sonic depths of a silence more profound than any on earth.

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Feed your senses

For more sensorial trips you can take this May, head below.

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