No matter the perspective of the man and the voyage, when Christopher Columbus set off from the south of Spain, the world would never be the same again.

1451, enter Christopher Columbus. With an adventurous soul, three wooden boats and their accompanying sails; The Santa Maria, The Pinta and the Nina, Columbus set sail for the New World.

Born in the hills of Italy, Columbus had a dream of connecting Europe with Asia via a western trade route. He had his critics and his doubters; he failed again and again to gain the sponsorship he required. Finally finding them in Kind Ferdinand & Queen Isabella who opened the doors to his adventure on 3rd of August 1492 when along with his motley crew Columbus was commissioned to set sail and make one of the greatest discoveries of man.

For us, this is where the inspiration could start and end. When you strip it all back we’re just a group of dreamers looking for something more. His attitude to life and discovery is part of the philosophy Black Tomato strives to live by. Columbus embodies this philosophy and irrelevant of what happened next he already had our respect.

10 weeks after setting off from the Port of Palos in Spain and Columbus set foot in the Bahamas.

Columbus had agreed with his Spanish commissioners that he could retain 10% of any findings, would be presented a noble title and governorship of any lands he should encounter.

Living in a time of the slave trade it is a mixed legacy that Columbus leaves behind. For his grandiose adventures and spirit for exploration, his travels would be the birth of the American slave trade. A great man, as flawed as the next.

At the tender age of 57, he departed this world for the next. In his time here however, he had cemented his place in history forever by living the adventure he always dreamed of. The world is much smaller today, but I doubt that would have suppressed Columbus’ insatiable passion for exploration. Without him when would we have found the new world? What would the landscape of the world be like today?

The world needs these characters and these characters need more of the world than there imminent surroundings.

Moral of the story: Fortune favours the brave.