An Interview with Abbi Kemp

One of Black Tomato’s favorite travel photographers, Abbi Kemp’s shots never fail to ignite our wanderlust. From portraits of locals in Yangon to snapshots of Istanbul’s atmospheric markets, the depth of Abbi’s shots leave us reeling every time. Abbi has been writing and photographing for Black Tomato for years, and we never tire of catching up about her latest adventure…

What three words would you say best describe your style of traveling?

Wild, spontaneous and emotive.

Who is your ideal travel companion?           

Someone who reads, isn’t afraid to go off the beaten track, enjoys long road-trips & knows how to play a good game of What Would You Rather!

How do you choose your next destination?  

Through an amalgamation of things such as literature, films, documentaries, blogs, other photographers… It’s an unconscious decision for me. I just wake up and feel an uncontrollable desire to visit a country which has been inspired by all the things I’ve been absorbing.

What image first enters your mind when you think of Sri Lanka?        

Kind faces, stunning tropical landscapes and mouth-watering, spicy food.

You can only take one more trip, where would you go and why?       

Tokyo. I want to spend a week alone there getting lost in her streets with just me and my camera.


Images courtesy of Abbi Kemp. You can follow Abbi on Instagram @abbikemp and see more of her photographs on 

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