An Interview with Serena Guen

Founder and creative guru behind Suitcase Magazine, one of our favorite wanderlust inspiring travel publications, Serena’s knowledge of the globe is no reflection of her age. At 22 she founded the award winning magazine and she hasn’t stopped since, from authentic Indian safaris to intense expeditions to the North Pole, Serena’s the one to talk to if you’re looking for the finest travel advice around. We sat down with the influential globe-trotter to see what it is that keeps her on the road…

Do you have any pre, during and post travel rituals?

I always wear comfortable clothes, I have a great pair of black cashmere Michael Kors flares (they look a lot cooler than they sound). On the plane I drink litres of herbal tea to stay hydrated and keep puffiness at bay. When I land, a shower is always a great reviver if I have time, if not I use Gazelli face mist to wake me up.

If you could only pack 5 items of clothing to take with you to Sri Lanka what would they be?

Zimmerman cover up, Miumiu sunglasses, Ancient Greek sandals, Marysia bikini, Missoni maxi dress.                                             

Who is your ideal travel companion?    

My brother Max. We are always on the same level. Apart from just making me laugh a lot, he is also an amazing producer, director, videographer and photographer (phew!). He filmed this video in Rio when we went a couple of years ago.

What would you most look forward to visiting if you were heading to Sri Lanka?

The food. The traditional Sri Lankan curry looks amazing.

How do you choose your next destination?           

I have a beautiful atlas on my desk that my team gave me for my birthday. My favorite thing is skimming through and finding places in the world that I’ve never been to before. Then testing myself on that country’s capital. Ha!


Images courtesy of Serena Guen and Suitcase Magazine, you can follow Serena on Instagram @serenaguen.

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