Kya & Daniel’s

Honeymoon to The Seychelles



Your presence at our wedding is gift enough. But we would be deeply grateful should you want to make a contribution to our dream honeymoon.


If you would like to contribute to our special trip then please click here to access the online contribution form, or call +44207 426 9888 if you have any questions. We really appreciate any contribution you would like to make towards our honeymoon and would like to say a very big thank you in advance


Kya and Daniel x

Here's what Kya and Daniel have planned

Across sixteen spectacular days, Kya and Daniel will be exploring and absorbing the uncommon paradise of the Seychelles, that sparkling archipelago of 115 gem-like islands in the Indian Ocean. From Mahé, their hub, Kya and Daniel will unwind at Maia Hotel. This is a retreat, a place of seclusion, with a toe dipped in a pool of activity; with watersports, snoAdd Rowrkelling, kayaking and yoga. Nearby Mahé is an untouched historic center, while the Maia Hotel – poised on the edge of a rainforest – has its own sumptuous Balinese-style spa.

Later, — by helicopter — Kya and Daniel will head on to deeply-forested Félicité. Once a coconut plantation, this gorgeous granitic island — the fifth largest in the Seychelles — has historically had a tiny population. Here, from their panoramic pool villa at the Six Senses Zil Payson, they’ll imbibe the best that the island has to offer. Six Senses, after all, are famed for creating immersive, mesmerizing experiences for their guests in some of the world’s most scenic places. Cuisine inspired by the Seychelles’ location; of French, Indian, British and African root. Across its 30 villas, each an architectural marvel unto itself, they’ll have views across the panoramic splendour of the Indian Ocean from the comfort of their own infinity pool. Swimming with turtles, island walks, spas and saunas and expeditions to tiny neighboring coves, islets and islands.

Ultimately, this is a journey for the body, the mind and the senses.

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