Vakôna forest lodge

Madagascar, the home to 5% of all known animal and plant species, this tropical hub is waiting to be explored and the Vakôna forest lodge is the perfect place to start. Lemurs are the heart and soul of Madagascar, so get up close and personal on the lodges own ‘Lemur Island’ (make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Indri, one of the largest lemur species). Pick between one of the 28 traditional bungalows- nestled near the stunning Parc national d’Andasibe-Mantadia and get ready to explore this uncharted corner of Africa.


The Vakôna forest lodge is nestled close teeming Parc national d’Andasibe-Mantadia in the east of the country, just a three hour drive from Antananarivo city. Making it a perfect first stop for a first time adventure in Madagascar. Situated close to the national park in its own small reserve, you’ll be able to relax within the lush jungle landscapes and explore the region and wildlife with leisurely hikes or a more “off road” undergrowth experience or horseback rides.

Your Room

Surrounding the main lodge are 28 spacious bungalows. In keeping with authentic local style, they are all built using local materials so as to not impact on the stunning views and surrounding sounds of nature. Sit out on your private terrace after your day of exploring and trekking to find local lemur populations and soak in the views. The Bungalows are spacious, clean and perfectly designed for comfort with mosquito nets, and large bathrooms.

Why we like it

From the remote lush location to the endless array of activities there’s something for everyone at Vakôna forest lodge. With expert guides to hand you can take to the river on kayaking trip to spot crocodiles to birds and reptiles, then head back to the lodge on horseback as you ride into the sunset. However a personal favourite of ours here at Black Tomato is the ‘Lemur Island’- where you can get up close and personal to these curious creatures during feeding time.

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