Bamurru Plains, Northern Territory

Resting on the Northern tip of Australia, the Mary River floodplains are home to an incredibly impressive array of wildlife, and you can see it all at the luxurious Bamurru Plains wild bush camp. The extensive amount of activities on offer range from river cruises, air-boat tours, safaris and fishing, ensuring you get the most out of this extraordinary display flora and fauna.


Just west of the breath-taking Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory, the location of this luxury abode couldn’t get much better. Peaceful, remote and beautifully secluded, the transfer to the infamous Bamurru Plains isn’t as long as you’d expect. A 20 minute flight from Darwin or Kakadu National Park will have you landed in one of the most luscious wildlife areas in the North, not mentioning your very own ‘Wild Bush Luxury’ retreat.


All 10 of the safari suites are spacious and come complete with an en-suite , an ultra-comfortable bed and a raised timber platform made specifically for kicking back and absorbing those stunning views (and soaking up the Australian sun, of course.) Each suite is designed to give you the ‘Wild Bush Luxury’ experience by using the beauty of the natural Savannah bush to inspire the interior design. There are no telephones or TVs but in return you get the beautiful simplicity of being in tune with the sounds and sights of the surrounding bush; listen to the songs of the Magpie Geese in the morning and fully-grown buffaloes traveling through the water-drenched plains in the day.


The completely transparent front wall allows you to peer deep into the Australian wilderness from the comfort of your own bed, anytime of day. Kookaburras, Buffalo, Geese, there’s no better introduction to Australian wildlife.