InterContinental Hayman Island Resort, Great Barrier Reef

You can’t get much further from reality than the InterContinental Hayman Island. Set on the Great Barrier Reef, privacy and luxury abound from this postcard-setting that will see you admire the crystal blue waters of the Coral Sea and blindingly bright white shores of the Whitsundays from all angles. When it comes to exploring the reef here there’s no need to fret about disturbing that picture-perfect coral as Hayman resort is committed to preserving the ecosystem having begun life as a biological research lab.


Set on its very own private island, Hayman’s guests can dive into the abyss in blissful seclusion. Depending on your wish, access from The Great Barrier Reef airport on Hamilton Island comes in the form of a seaplane, helicopter or luxury yacht. Only a slight change from your average London commute. To make full use of your precious time away, check in is done on-board so that you’re whisked to the comfort of your room the moment your toes touch Hayman’s sparkling sands.

your room

A slew of blues match the surrounding pool and sea views in the nautical inspired pool rooms. If nature is more your style then opt for the retreat rooms, nestled amongst the lush green island vegetation, where you can hop into your outdoor shower in the private rockery. The modern beach villas boast all the tech you could need on the inside, whilst private infinity plunge pools await you when you step outside.

why we like it

Although Hayman would perfectly suit those looking for a luxury beach vacation, we’re a sucker for a good excursion. With access to otherwise inaccessible parts of the Great Barrier Reef, a trip on one of Hayman’s seaplanes or helicopters to explore the burnt-orange coral certainly catches our attention. On-land, we love the hikes through the thick rainforest and rockeries, spying the island’s unique Eucalyptus trees as a part of the hotel’s fitness and wellbeing programmes.