Country Cabin Rental, NWT

For those looking to wholeheartedly embrace the rural beauty of the Northwest Territories, renting a rustic cabin might just be the way to go. Off-the-grid living, yet spacious and comfortable, the two cabins here offer rural adventure without completely sacrificing comfort.


These country cabins are located 29 kilometres east of Yellowknife and fall within the boundaries of the beautiful Prelude Lake Territorial Park. This allows for easy access once you’ve landed in Yellowknife; just let the pre-arranged private driver do the rest…


Intrepid travelers can choose between ‘The Guest House’ or ‘The Pine Lodge’; the former sleeps two, whilst the latter is a little more spacious and can accommodate up to four guests. The rich wooden walls contrast the elegant queen size bed that sits at the center of your room, whilst the charming kitchenette can always be handed over to a live-in chef (if you desire) who can whip up sumptuous comfort food on brisk Canadian evenings. Our favorite feature in both, however, is the communal fire pits that sit out front of each cabin, allowing for summer evening barbecues, fireside chats and warm and toasty night time star gazing. The wooden finishes inside both cabins help to maintain that sense of rural authenticity, whilst the minimal yet tasteful décor in the spacious rooms really compliments the liberating feeling the vast landscapes of the Northwest Territories imbues.


These cabins will chime with those in search of a = pure experience in the heart of one of the world’s most stunning landscapes. Striking both inside and out, the cabins are rustic enough without being uncomfortable, and the quirky features such as the communal fire pit add to the charm and authenticity of the place. They also happen to be ideally located if you’re looking to explore the scenic NWT; the famous Ingraham Trail is nearby, as are a plethora of other trails, lakes and national parks.