Lodge Cantarias

Located on the Southside of Puyehue River in North Patagonia surrounded by the natural scenery of Patagonia lies the lavish Lodge Cantarias. This lodge created for nature and outdoor lovers designed to offer their guests with a magical experience in connection with the environment. With a maximum capacity of 10 people consisting of five rooms, Black Tomato are very confident that you will experience the true meaning of privacy and luxury during your stay in this environmentally friendly heaven.


Situated on the Puyehue River in South Chile, The Lodge Cantarias is in the perfect location for adventure. Whether your passion is fly fishing in the Puyehue River, hiking the local volcanoes of the area or exploring the area on a photographic safari the wealth of choice provided by this perfectly located lodge is outstanding.

Your Room

With only space for 10 guests at the Cantarias Lodge, this is a hotel that will make you feel at home like never before. All the rooms are connected thanks to outer covered walking all leading down into the luxurious main living room of the lodge. Black Tomato believes that every stay at any hotel should provide you with an exclusive room experience and at the Cantarias Lodge this is no different. Wide, warm and with spectacular views of the Puyehue River and of the large volcanic system in the South of Chile, Lodge Cantarias is the perfect place to rest your head after a long day of outdoor activities.

Why we like it?

With its wood burning central heating, Cantarias Lodge warmly welcomes you all year round; however we love Lodge Cantarias because of its passion for outdoor activities. From fly-fishing to Ski-snowboarding Lodge Cantarias provides you with the perfect outdoor retreat all thanks to its perfect positioning among Patagonia surrounded by the perfect topography to cater for whatever their guests would like to achieve in this mesmerizing sanctuary.