Galápagos Sea Star

Jump on board the magnificent Galápagos Sea Star yacht, with its nine cabins, and cruise the turquoise water maze of the fascinating and other-worldly Galápagos Islands. As you glide gracefully around this island archipelago, you’ll be staying in the utmost luxury with the Galápagos Sea Star offering a relaxing retreat as well as the rare chance to explore all the natural wonders these islands have to offer. Here, you’ll get acquainted with some of the world’s most mysterious and iconic flora and fauna, which inspired Darwin’s famous theory of evolution.


Floating remotely out in the Pacific Ocean, a 2-hour flight west of Ecuador, you’ll find yourself in the Galápagos Islands. This magical and mesmerising volcanic island group boasts world-renowned weird and wonderful wildlife, which are carefully preserved and well-protected. Jump aboard the Galápagos Sea Star at Baltra Island and set sail to witness evolution in the making; from the islands’ Marine iguanas and giant tortoises to its flightless cormorants and blue-footed boobies. Nature does all the talking here.

Your Room

With a series of soothing, neutral tones throughout, mod-con equipped suites are stylish and spacious and envelop you in an airy and comfortable atmosphere to hole up in. Our favorite has to be the opulent Sea Star Suite, where wraparound windows give way to a pristine panorama of the glorious Galápagos scenery. The Galápagos Sea Star has a limited capacity of 16 passengers, so you can guarantee top-notch privacy and tranquillity whilst aboard.

Why We Like It

The luxurious Galápagos Sea Star offers an array of activities, from snorkelling and kayaking to sun-lounging and Jacuzzi-dipping, but best of all, its specialist shore tours go above and beyond in ensuring that your Galápagos experience is one to cherish. From 5 days to 2 weeks, its itineraries are extensive and offer a complete and rewarding discovery of the Islands and their abundant wildlife. We loved the Sierra Negra Volcano trek around Isabela Island, where you are sure to see the most stunning scenery over the archipelago.