Silverskär & Sviskär, Åland

Isolated out in the Åland Islands archipelago, neatly nestled between Sweden to the west and Finland to the east, you’ll find the charming sister hotels, Silverskär & Sviskär. The Silverskär features five lodges, welcoming up to 48 guests, whilst the more intimate Sviskär offers a four-man cabin on its own island for ultimate privacy, just a short boat ride away from the main hotel. Utilising authentic, old-style design, Silverskär & Sviskär capture the true essence of Åland, so you experience the landscape just like a local. Secluded on separate islets toward the north of Åland, you will naturally find yourself relaxing at one with nature as you’re enchanted by the unspoiled, Scandinavian scenery.


Short flights from both Stockholm and Helsinki run to Mariehamn on the Åland Islands, as well as ferries from several neighboring mainland ports. 45 minutes from Mariehamn will see you at the private Silverskär Island, which is abundant in activities for you to try out, from tennis and fishing to kayaking and dinghy sailing. Nature trips and seal safaris are also available around the islet before you wind down with a soothing massage or sauna session.

Your Room

The Silverskär is home to five unique lodges that are just packed with character, all showcasing warm, cozy interiors and equipped with all mod cons. From the 1950s charm and authenticity of Mellangårds to the two luxury log cabins and the spacious, traditional Åland style Norrgårds and Ladugårds, you are sure to find yourself in complete comfort. Having spent a day trekking, warm up by your log-burner, before enjoying your ‘catch of the day’ dish, fresh from the Baltic. Settled in the tiny neighboring islet, the Sviskär is your truly back-to-basics alternative in that it’s quaint ‘hermit’s cabin’ is electricity-free and allows you to fully detach yourself from everything and just delight in the sounds and smells of nature.

Why we like it

On these stunning, private islets, we love the way the Silverskär & Sviskär blend in with their natural environment as they generate a truly tranquil and authentic feel, so you feel like a real ‘Ålander’ at one with nature. You’d be surprised to know that the world’s oldest champagne was found in a shipwreck in the Åland Islands, so revel in some champagne tasting as you listen to the legendary story. Come dinner, we loved feasting on some of the freshest flavors of Åland – perhaps even some ‘Chanterelles’ you picked from the forest earlier.

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