Himalayan retreat, India

The Himalaya mountains, a destination only accessible to the most intrepid of mountaineers, explorers and adventure enthusiasts…right? Not entirely. If you fancy an incredible overnight train experience and are capable of a 1½ hr forest walk, then you can conquer this historic mountain range.

The high life

Okay, you won’t be scaling Everest, but you’ll get to experience the high life (no pun intended) in the Himalayas. This secret luxury camp offers a whole new type of extreme experience: extreme peace and seclusion, bang in the middle of majestic Himalayan peaks.

Train and trek

After an atmospheric night on the Ranikhet Express from Delhi, you’ll head straight into a beautifully captivating forest with our local guides, and feel the concerns of traveling melt away with every step closer to your hideaway. One of the most inspiring train journeys we have ever taken, on this trip you’ll journey through beautiful quiet backwaters and wake up to the sunrise over townships at the base of the mighty Himalayas. When you arrive you really feel as though you have shed the hubbub of Delhi and arrived in a totally different, peaceful part of India ready for a new adventure. Talk about refreshing. It’s only on arrival, when you stop to catch your breath, that the out-of-this-world remoteness of your destination dawns on you.

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Shakti 360 leti

Situated in the depth of the untouched northern Uttaranchal region is our current favorite place to stay – the Shakti 360 Leti. The camp sits high on a precipice with majestic 360 degree views (clue’s in the name) of lush mountainous landscapes and snow-capped peaks. Built with local materials and age-old techniques, the camp blends aesthetically with its surroundings, creating a harmonious and peaceful environment. It’s the height of luxury with an authentic Himalayan feel, offering the ultimate secluded honeymoon destination.

Gourmet meals

The four individual en-suite rooms are built into the mountainside and feature some truly special touches like private decks with fire places. If you want more company, you can relax round the open fire in the communal living room or dine on local gourmet fare accompanied by fine wines.

It’s the little touches at 360° Leti that really caught our attention: hot water bottles at bedtime and a steaming flask of freshly brewed tea upon waking; the perfect luxury Himalayan retreat.

Chill out or pick up the pace

Fill your days with a variety of guided treks in the mountains (with a custom-packed gourmet picnic). Whether you enjoy pre-dawn walks or a more laid-back afternoon strolls, the lovely staff will make suggestions to cater to all levels of ability. You may want to relax, but some of the walks (and the stunning photographic opportunities that come with them) are worth raising the pulse rate a tad.

We recommend a minimum stay of 3 nights but can almost guarantee you won’t want to leave until at least 7 star-studded nights have passed. Shh, don’t tell anyone, but this is a true secret find.

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