Japamala Resort, Tioman Island

Based on the tiny island of Tioman just off Malaysia’s east coast, this secluded resort is the ultimate back to nature escape. The intense intimacy between man and nature is present in the design, and the resort itself is unique as it’s built around nature to respect and preserve the beauty of the destination. The rustic luxe design nestled in the jungle has stunning views of the sandy beaches and endless sea below and offers a simple yet elegant environment. With only 13 suites, this boutique hotel is perfect for a romantic getaway.


Hop on the hotel’s quaint flight service from Subang airport to Tioman airport, where you will experience stunning views of the islands below. After the short 1 hour flight you will quickly be embraced by the surrounding nature and you are meters away from Japamala Resort. A short walk from your room will lead you to the spa which is designed to create memorable and sensory experiences and offers a ‘his and hers’ bath soak. As well as the spa, the hotel boutique is host to exquisite silver jewellery and traditional merchandise. If the activities provided at the hotel are not enough then there is lots to do off the island such as diving, scenic boat trips to visit the surrounding bays and waterfalls and hiking. Due to the remoteness and isolation of the island the only way to get around is by water taxi or trekking.


Rooms are referred to as ‘Sarang’ which means ‘nest’ in Malaysian, and the rooms are certainly nestled into the luscious green jungle. All suites are unique; the tree-top rooms, situated at the highest point of the resort, are private and offer breathtaking views of the beach below. The jungle luxe suites are placed on the lower area of the resort and have outside bath tubs with the rainforest as a backdrop. The Pengulus house, the only villa on the resort, has a private pool and terrace to star gaze at night. Most suites come with private decks or outdoor showers.


After a hard day’s sunbathing and relaxing, glide down to the restaurants for a sumptuous supper. The Mandi Mandi restaurant built on stilts has great views of the glistening waters and offers nightly barbecues to celebrate the romance of the resort. Stone-carved Buddha statues sit on the sands by the beach-based Tamarind restaurant, where you can enjoy delicious Asian recipes handpicked by the resident Indochinese chefs.