Becky Milligan

Morocco Travel Expert

“We can’t quite put our finger on it, but there’s just something so irresistible about Morocco. Whether it’s the contrast of the wide open desert with the labyrinthine passages of the medina or the allure of the coast whipped by Atlantic winds, we couldn’t say. What has become clear to us though is the enriching effect that a luxury vacation in Morocco has on the soul. Submerging your senses and gaining a new perspective; that is the power of Morocco.”

Becky Milligan

Morocco Travel Expert

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Morocco Highlights

Feed your foodie desires, soak up the bustle of the souks, and be star-struck by Morocco’s desert night sky; we know it only takes a heartbeat to fall for Morocco.


As if birthed from a fantasy film, Morocco resembles a dreamworld. The city centers are like labyrinths, and different alleyways introduce you to different characters; snake-charmers, market merchants, tarot-card readers. Needless to say, this intoxicating land is best explored with a plethora of luxury hotels and tours, and we can guarantee a vacation as dreamlike as the movies.


A kaleidoscope of colors , a luxury vacation in Marrakech will awaken all of the senses. See the bags of vibrant spices as you wander through busy souks, feel the brush of a cat on your feet as you walk through picturesque alleyways, and savor the taste of fresh tagine, washed down with fresh mint tea. Enjoying the likes of cooking classes and medina tours, Marrakech is the ultimate launching point.


What’s better than a champagne toast on the ground? A champagne toast in the air, especially if that in-air glass of bubbles is enjoyed while watching the sunrise over the Atlas Mountains. Few places in the world do hot air balloon tours like Morocco – picture an otherworldly landscape, clear skies, and a dash of adrenaline.


Serving as the country’s capital until 1912, Fez is full of mosques, museums, and markets. It’s a place where residents still drink from ancient water foundations and donkeys carry merchandise down minuscule side-streets. For a combination of luxury and cultural immersion, Fes is the place for a transformative and enlightening vacation.

Morocco Highlights

Feed your foodie desires, soak up the bustle of the souks, and be star-struck by Morocco’s desert night sky; we know it only takes a heartbeat to fall for Morocco.


Morocco is a country that impresses. From its friendly people to its under-the-radar cuisine, all the way to its passion for hospitality and versatility of itinerary options, this country exceeds already high expectations. The same is said for the hotels and resorts; choose between a boutique property in Casablanca, a charming villa in Essaouira, or remote camping in the middle of the Agafay.


Marrakesh is the focal point of Morocco. It’s also the city we feel does luxury the best, thanks to the abundance of glamorous accommodationsss and Michelin-starred dining. If you want to stay in the heart of the medina, it doesn’t get much better than Riad Farnatchi. For something slightly removed, Dilla des Orangers is a slice of paradise few get to experience.


Desert camp vacation are a highlight of any trip to Morocco. The design and offered activities are completely unique to what you’d find elsewhere and that’s without mentioning the added bonus: the starry night sky illuminating the landscape at the end of every action-packed day. For an oasis that comes equipped with a stunning pool and awe-inspiring views, opt for a night or two at Terre des Etoiles.


Few things are more refreshing than mountain time, especially when the snow-capped peaks and belong to the Atlas Mountains in Northern Africa. For a dose of mountainside magic, Kasbah Tamadot is the place to wander through gardens, embark on invigorating nature treks, and explore the villages of the foothills.

  • Population Population 32,599,909
  • Capital Capital Rabat
  • Language Language Arabic, Berber Dialects, French
  • Currency Currency Moroccan Dirham
  • Time Difference Time Difference GMT | ET+5

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