The Pavilions Himalayas

Running off of renewable energy, giving back to the local community and blending in with the natural environment – could The Pavilions Himalayas be the world’s most kind-hearted luxury hotel? We certainly think so. Nestled in a valley near Pokhara, Nepal’s adventure capital, the 15 eco-friendly villas are the perfect blend of modern comforts and traditional touches, whilst in the kitchen, chefs whip up the freshest farm-to-table cuisine in Nepal and elsewhere, there’s always an expert yogi on hand to guide your sun salutation. All that, plus the majority of the hotel profits are channeled into social projects such as the community school and health post. What could be better than guilt-free luxury?


Surrounded by farmland, lush hillsides and a mountain-fed river, The Pavilions Himalayas is blessed with a naturally beautiful landscape. In the heart of Nepalese adventure-land, the relaxed atmosphere of Pavilions is just a 20-minute drive from Pokhara Regional Airport. Locals view Pokhara as the perfect weekend retreat and with its fresh mountain air and picturesque boat rides on Fewa Lake, we agree. But if you’re looking to amp up the adrenaline? Pokhara has an answer to that too. Home to three of the world’s ten highest mountains, including Annapurna, this is the perfect place to lace up your hiking boots and test your endurance.

Your Room

The Pavilions Himalayas 15 luxurious villas feature contemporary interiors with expert natural touches and traditional Nepalese accents, which bring a rustic feel to everyday modern comforts. All the villas feature incredible views but we particularly like the Pavilions Chalets where the split-level bedroom and living area offers two equally enticing perspectives. The perfect spot to enjoy the expansive landscapes that envelop the hotel, head out onto your own private terrace and take in the tranquility of your surroundings.

Why we like it

The Pavilions Himalayas has a strong ‘only the best will do’ ethos and extends this beyond just the hotel to its impact on local communities. In an effort to avoid imported foods, the hotel grows the bulk of its produce, resulting in menus that change weekly and that feature the season’s freshest produce. The hotel also works closely with the local community, with 50% of village families directly employed by Pavilions and the other 50% learning additional skills to help develop their businesses and supply the hotel. When you combine Pavilions’s sense of community, luscious surroundings and range of yoga and hiking activities, it’s impossible to leave not feeling completely refreshed and revived.


The Pavilions Himalayas lead the way on eco-friendly hotels. It’s almost fully self-sustained, generating its own biofuel, produce is grown within the organic farm, and even the rainwater is harvested and filtered. The profits are also reinvested back into the local community and conservation, making it a top choice for your trip to the Himalayas.