Mahu Whenua

Expanding over 55,000 hectares, Mahu Whenua is an ultra-luxury retreat located on the South Island near Wanaka, just 60 minutes from Queenstown. This luxury lodge oozes intimacy and uniqueness with only four individual Ridgeline suites and a maximum of 12 people at a time. Escapism at its finest.


Whilst this luxurious abode gives off the feeling of privacy and isolation, the cottages are only a 20 minute drive from central Wanaka and a 10 minute helicopter ride from Queensland. Located in the spectacular southern lakes area of the South Island, this eco-sanctuary provides its guest with tens of thousands of hectares that are 100% private to their guests. With the possibility of carrying out a magnificent array of activities such as Heli-skiing and horse trekking on their lands, the Mahu Whenua is the perfect destination for travelers in search of luxury adventure.


The Ridgeline Homestead will be your refuge during your stay at this ultra-luxury location. With a lavish rustic design that features locally produced ornaments, the Ridgeline Homestead offers you immense views of the enchanting scenery that surrounds the cottages.

Why we like it

We’re just totally in love with the philosophy of this luxury property. The owner, Robert ‘Mutt’ Lunge, had a vision to save this national park from being over farmed, and has successfully put into place sustainable farming practices involving plant regeneration and native bird breeding programmes. This vision once again shows the magnificence of this location and explains why Mahu Whenua is at the top of nature lovers lists the world-over for their dream next destination.

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