Yemaya Island Hideaway & Spa

The Yemaya Hideaway & Spa takes its name from the African goddess of the sea, and when you behold the aquamarine waters that surrounded the secluded Little Corn Island, you get the feeling that no other name could be as suitable; this place is divine.


The Yemaya is 43 miles off the coast of Nicaragua on Little Corn Island. If you book the VIP package, the hotel will pay for and arrange your connecting flight from Managua to Big Corn Island. From here, it’s just a simple drive to the wharf (also arranged for you) where you’ll catch your boat away from civilisation.


One of 16 private cabañas, your 600sq foot ‘eco-chic’ room offers privacy, views of the beach and all the space you need to unwind. Mahogany and cherry wood furnishings help to create that authentic, beach paradise vibe, and just in case this vibe isn’t enough, you can always step out onto your private veranda where the sun will set through magnificent, swaying palms.


Many hotels advertise exclusivity and privacy – few can live up to that claim. Yemaya however, truly deserves the title ‘hideaway’. Not only does the journey to the hotel feel like a journey away from civilisation and earthly concerns, but the select number of cabanas really drives home that feeling of being sequestered away in the heart of island nature. This remoteness does not mean however, that amenities and facilities have suffered – far from it actually. Yemaya offers luxury spa treatments, Yoga and meditation sessions, and world-class, locally sourced dining options. Authentic island living and luxury do not typically go hand in hand; yet Yemaya proves that rules always have exceptions.