Get out beyond Oslo and Norway is all about a raw and primal beauty. Here, fjords carve through traditional landscapes to reveal hidden pockets of beauty where time seemingly comes to a standstill. But it is by no means immune to a dose of modern innovation. Juvet knows all this and seamlessly blending these should-be contrasts, the result is seven glass-cube suites submerged in the birch forest and two birdhouse rooms that provide a window onto rural life. Elsewhere, a restored farmstead forms the heart of Juvet, meals are served communally in the Old Barn and a cave-like spa promises escapism.


Drawn in by the beauty of Gudbrandsjuvet waterfall, Juvet is tucked within a melting pot of nature, cultural history and modern design. A 90-minute drive from Alesund and you’ll find yourself on the Burtigarden farm in charming Alstad. From here, adventure awaits. Taking a different form each season, winter could see you clipping on your skis and skiing out of the back door to Trollkyrkja whilst spring may see you out on the water ocean fishing before you bike down Fjora in the summer. As for Autumn? That’s a little bit of every season and our favorite time to visit.

Your Room

The nine rooms at Juvet are all so strikingly modern with architecturally-inspiring design, yet they never once detract from the natural beauty that surrounds them. The walls may be made of glass, but dark interiors keep the emphasis on the verdant greens of summer and the crisp whites of winter, whilst eye masks act. Carrying on the theme, the rooms are cozy and minimalist – none more so than the two birdhouses. Room just for a bed, you wake up here onto unbeatable views with all the inspiration you need to spread your wings on today’s adventure.

Why we like it

Juvet is a hotel that celebrates its surroundings – without being afraid to do things differently. Smoked salmon is prepared the traditional way, apple juice is brought up fro the valley and local Slogen beer is served with a tale of two. At the same time, a bathing area has been built into the river, the Mill House has been restored to its former glory and the spa is warmed by an open fire.