Titilaka, Peru

Spectacularly secluded on Peru’s Lake Titicaca, sits the tranquil Titilaka Lodge, featuring an exclusive 18 rooms, where you’ll be immersed in rustic Peruvian culture. Using stylish, natural tones, the Titilaka mirrors its outstanding natural surroundings, yet still exudes a warm and homely interior feel. Also boasting a modern edge, the Titilaka provides outdoor verandas for you to absorb the region’s truly breath-taking scenery. Whether relaxing in remoteness, cramming in some culture or undertaking exciting excursions, the Titilaka is sure to impress.


Located a short half an hour drive from Puno domestic airport, the Titilaka is no long distance, but also gives you that far away feel. The Titilaka plays host to infinite, unforgettable outdoor activities, from trekking the Colla Trail and cycling the Plateria fields to rowing and kayaking Lake Titicaca. Just a stone’s throw away, you’ll be able to visit the ‘Pink City’ of Lampa, the Chullpas of Sillustani and the Copamaya weaving community for that exhilarating slice of culture; not to mention all the beautiful birdlife you’ll observe around the area.

Your Room

Thanks to being settled on a private peninsula, the Titilaka is pleasantly positioned in view of the peaceful Lake Titicaca, with which rooms take full advantage. In airy, clean comfort, showcasing heated floors and huge windows, which boast a picturesque panorama of the Peruvian landscape, you’ll wake up to the stunning sunrise, shimmering on the lake’s surface. Come night-time, this hotel also allows for jaw-dropping, starlit skies, so before you hit out the lights, enjoy a magical gaze out at the legendary star constellations.

Why we like it

Aside from the astounding Latin American vistas, we love the breadth of incredible experiences offered here. Notably, we love visiting the lake’s islands and learning about their age-old heritage, from the stone structures on Amantani and the villages on Taquile to the birthplace of the Inca Empire on the ‘Island of the Sun’. Additionally, time your stay right for a true taste of tradition as you head to Puno for its local festival, where you’ll see a vibrant stream of colorful dancing, embellished with extravagant dress and fascinating rituals.

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