Aurora Safari Camp, Swedish Lapland

Aurora Safari Camp is Swedish Lapland’s first African-style safari camp and honouring a strict ‘no artificial light’ rule, is easily one of the best spots for catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights. It’s stripped-back luxury all the way – and who can blame them when their back garden is so stunningly beautiful? Nights sta by the fire, snuggled beneath blankets, there’s an effortless charm to it all that had us falling in love night after night.


Aurora Safari Camp is nestled in the wild forest of the Råne River Valley north of Luleå, a positioning that offers stunning views of the surrounding river, lake and mountains.


Your room at Aurora Safari Camp is a traditional Lavvu tent, a type of Nordic Tipi. The inside is fire-heated and comes complete with Arctic sleeping bags and comfortable beds. There’s another tent on-site providing a lounge and bar, as well as a traditional sauna close by, so you’ve got plenty of places in which to kick back and unwind after a day of arctic exploration.


Designed and owned by professional photographer Fredrick Broman, you’ll get some great tips on capturing lasting memories and incredible photos of the northern lights during your stay at Aurora Safari Camp. After all, professional photographers are always handy to have around when the scenery looks this good.