Sorbyn Lodge, Swedish Lapland

Sorbyn Lodge is comfortable, cozy, boasts some fantastic views and is run by passionate, friendly locals. It’s a small lodge that oozes warmth and intimacy, so you’ll feel at home in no time in amongst the surrounding pine forests and icy waters.


Lying just north of Luleå in Swedish Lapland, Sorbyn Lodge is located on the edge of a beautiful lake near the small village of Sorbyn. Surrounded by frozen lakes and stunning forests, the landscape here is incredible, so you’re perfectly located for some snowy adventures.


Each of the large en-suite bedrooms has been decorated to reflect Sweden’s seasons, incorporating charming Nordic touches. You’ll be tempted to spend most of your time in the main building, however, which houses a cozy lounge, large open fireplace, gourmet restaurant and a bar. It’s the sort of place you could hibernate in all winter.


The lodge’s crowning jewel has to be its restaurant. Serving up mouth-watering dishes that make use of a range of locally sourced ingredients, you can expect to try delicious servings of reindeer and cloudberry. You know you can’t go wrong at a restaurant renowned amongst the locals for its quality of food, they know best after all.